My name is Victoria M. Walker—Vikkie is better—and I’m a travel reporter based in Brooklyn, New York.

I got into finding flight deals and curating trips and experiences for all types of travelers—from the experienced to the beginner—nearly a decade ago.

Since we last spoke, much has changed. Travel has undoubtedly changed; I’ve changed, and so has my relationship with traveling. Vikkie Ventures became Travel With Vikkie—and Travel With Vikkie has become Carrying On.

What travel represented to me when I first started writing differs from what it is now. For starters, travel is no longer an identity. It enhances my life experiences, but I am much more than where I visit or how I got there.

Some things haven’t changed, however. I’m still about making travel feel accessible and inclusive. I’m still about travel deals and getting folks where they want to go at the best price. And I’m still about helping folks travel better.

Happy travels, kinfolk. I’m looking forward to carrying on with ya’ll.

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